The DiverseNet Way: Excellence in Service

In the ever changing world of technology and services, success hinges on more than just the right tools and processes. At DiverseNet, we firmly believe that our people, our Case Owners, are the most critical element in delivering exceptional service to our clients. In this article, we’ll delve into the DiverseNet Way, a philosophy that places our clients at the center of everything we do, and our Case Owners as the linchpin in making it happen.

Case Owner: They Are the DiverseNet Product

The DiverseNet Way starts with a fundamental concept: our Case Owners are not just team members; they are the essence of our service. They are not responsible for the technology or the tools; they are responsible for ensuring that our promises are kept. We don’t guarantee flawless technology or perfect systems, but we do guarantee that we will execute flawlessly to the best of our abilities. This commitment extends to being exceptional partners who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients.

The Lifeline for Our Clients

Our clients depend on us, and more specifically, they depend on the Case Owners. Failure on-site is not just a setback for DiverseNet; it’s a setback for our clients. Case Owners are the proactive communicators, issue anticipators, and problem solvers. They don’t work within the constraints of time or days of the week. They work until the job is done because they genuinely care about our clients’ success.

Taking Full Ownership

  1. Understand the Scope: Case Owners diligently read every Statement of Work (SOW). They ensure it aligns with our capabilities and ask questions when clarity is needed. They grasp the client’s desired outcome.
  2. Bridge the Gap: Case Owners review the SOW with our technicians, ensuring they understand the scope and confirming their capability to complete it. They explain the client’s desired outcome, bridging the technical and client worlds.
  3. Proactive Communication: Case Owners reach out to clients with updates before they need to request them. They keep clients informed, eliminating the need for clients to take the initiative.
  4. Team Collaboration: Case Owners use their team for recruiting, confirming, checking in, checking on, and checking out the technician. If the technician encounters issues or won’t complete on time, Case Owners escalate the matter for resolution.

Key to Success

  1. Minimal Client Effort: Success is when clients know they can trust us to handle their cases with minimal effort on their part, maintaining a high standard.
  2. Consistent Updates: Clients don’t need to ask for updates because Case Owners provide them consistently, ensuring a seamless flow of information.
  3. Technician Representation: Clients have confidence that we select IT technicians who represent us well on-site with the required skillset, ensuring a positive impression on the end-user.

Success in Details

  1. Thorough Preparation: Case Owners review the schedule for the next day, ensuring required forms, contact info, and last-minute client communications are in place.
  2. Effective Communication: Case Owners instruct Field Service Coordinators (FSCs) on what to convey during technician check-ins and check-outs via designated channels.
  3. Effective Escalation: When issues arise, Case Owners escalate with a direct phone call, addressing problems without delay.

By proactively handling essential aspects like correct SOWs, technician preparedness, and communication requirements, Case Owners reduce the need for escalation.

At DiverseNet, the DiverseNet Way isn’t just a process; it’s a philosophy. It’s our promise to our clients that we’re not just a service provider, but a dedicated partner in their success. Our Case Owners exemplify this commitment every day, ensuring that when our clients need us, we’re there to deliver excellence.

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